Every Day Opportunites

“What is your creative process like?”⁣⁣
I get that question often and sometimes I’m not sure how quite to answer. Each project that I’m grateful enough to be a part of is different, but my approach is similar to my daily mediation and personally how I motivate myself.⁣⁣
It’s fairly simple. I ask myself 2 questions every morning.
‪1. What opportunities can I create today? ‬⁣⁣
‪2. Why should I create these?‬⁣⁣
When I can answer those, I understand more of the direction need, the purpose and my approach to it. The project may change, or life, but the philosophy is where and what people value. ⁣

So what opportunity can you create today?

Faking it

Everything is too fake nowadays.⁣

Fake and faux-wokeness has become so overly saturated that genuine and authentic now seems foreign to people. A distant relative where we can’t even begin to bridge or generate real connections. Connections without hidden layers, but rather, openness and compassion. We live in a world where everyone is stepping on eggshells hoping not to say or do the wrong thing that would sever a connection rather being themselves. That’s not healthy. If we can’t be ourselves, who are we? ⁣

We become everything we absorb and if that objective was never meaningful what does it make us? ⁣

Today, at this time, we have to spend more time to appreciate the ones that can tell you harsh truths for change without making you feel worthless.⁣

If I can’t teach you, why should I learn from you? ⁣

If I can’t talk to you, why would I listen? ⁣

Connections can be something extraordinary if there’s even just a smidgen of understanding. ⁣

Level with me and let’s elevate together .

Your Season is Coming

” Just because your season hasn’t come yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still plant seeds.”

That’s something I have to constantly remind myself of. Your time will come always when due, and in the interim, there’s work to be done. Progress means mentally to me that just because one thing hasn’t worked or hasn’t started to doesn’t mean to give way to excuse, procrastination or quitting entirely. One factor I’ve come to comprehend is that knowing one thing that hasn’t worked in my favor indefinitely results in others working for me. Natures balance, and a lesson of patience. Patience doesn’t necessarily mean being “in waiting” also. Patience is knowing there are progression and opportunity in every instance surrounding you; patience is self-control and allowing the mechanic of opportunity to be in the making of. ⁣

A seed always struggles in the soil to break it’s governing shell before you even see the first leaf. That’s where my thoughts have been lately.⁣ I’m trying to be more patient as I don’t always see it myself neither. I’m tired, but I’m not undone.

I’m too curious of what is in the making. ⁣

Being a #GirlDad⁣

Being a parent has been something I’d never thought I’d ever, but also everything I wanted to be. We all have our own story full of unknowns. Some we keep to ourselves to avoid the ruin of a good memory, and others we are fully ashamed of. I never thought I’d be a parent, and I also never knew what it meant to be one, and love being one. My daughter showed me a huge difference in myself, my life and who I needed to be, and what I need to still heal. She teaches me every day, in every objective no matter whether I agree with them or not. Here are a few lessons from the top of my head.

⁣How I respond really matters to her.

There are times where I find out a lot more of myself in some of the simplest things. Your prescence can be super overpowering and scary determining by the way you react/respond to a situation. Knowing how “read” the room or more specifically how to read them can make a better, stronger relationship in the long run. They remember how it felt, even if you don’t. 

She helps me focus on what actually matters.

We often get lost in everything ongoing or stuck scrolling endlessly in our phones that we actually miss a lot of small, but great moments that really matter to them. She reminds me of the very limited luxury we have of time as they grow so fast.

Nail color matters.

I wouldn’t say I’m fashionable, but don’t argue with her, just go with it. She knows what’s best. Just go with it.

I’m capable.

It’s not easy being the man that I am. It’ll be a lie if I told you differently. It’s also not easy being a parent but, being present with her makes me understand the range of my limits to an extent if there is any.

She teaches me

Even at my age, she tells me that I should stay curious and stay imaginative. She tells me to be incredibly brave because if anyone knows me I am very publicly shy and avoid crowds – she is the opposite and would have a whole crowd disappear while we dance and laugh…

 And lastly and most importantly,

It’s okay to feel. 

Being a man, and in life, I was raised in, emotion isn’t manly at all. Something I had to unlearn over the span of 30+ years. It’s okay to feel, to be happy, to be sad, proud or angry. It’s okay to show them as much love as you can while you can.

Make the memory a good one.


This is for all the overthinkers just like me. ⁣

It’s amazing we’ve come this far huh? I think that’s one of my greatest motivators – you’ve made it this far… Think about that for a bit. With all that happens, and out of everything that has happened, you’re still here…⁣

I say it’s my biggest motivator because I swear to God that I know I haven’t endured the elements of this life for mediocrity or to be “just this” – I want more, and there has to be more for me. There is more to it, and I want to see more of what’s in store for. Because of that small detail that plays over repeatedly in the space of my mind, I cannot settle for what it is right now or what my present may present right now. I can’t settle, that would be far too easy and far too simple when there’s this intriguing and exhilarating possibility called potential waiting for you to meet.⁣

So when I tend to wander too far when I overthink, I am really asking, what are you going to give me now? What will you show me and teach me? Where did I make a mistake? What mistakes will I make? And where I could’ve corrected the direction of myself. ⁣

It’s amazing how easily we forget our true strength and how simple it is to redirect our actions. More factly speaking, we get too lost in thinking too far behind and too far ahead. We know what’s been done, and we also already know what we can do, so why worry? Who is really stopping you from being brilliant?⁣

We’ve already made it this far…⁣

Have Fun, Play More

I forgot how to have fun or more specifically, how to play. Let me explain. ⁣

Most that come across me know that if there is anything they could say is that I’m pretty passionate about anything I truly set my sights on – and I am… immensely. It may even lead to a point of a fiery debate or disagreement, but for being passionate I won’t ever apologize. I can’t. I love and vividly believe in the things I can do or create as unrealistic as they may seem to others. There’s a fire that burns deep within me that I can’t fully describe. If I did describe it, it’ll more than likely be with what I create and the love of any act I go forthwith. I am love with my fire, and I am in love with sharing it with others and finding ways on how I can. It’s almost an obsession to create a spark in myself and in others. I think about it more than I care to care for how I feel. I can’t help but think about things I can create…. nonstop.

So what do I mean by I forgot to have fun? Somewhere in the midst of everything that I do, my creativity and love to create, became more work than play. It also began to show my lack of enthusiasm in nearly everything in my life. I fell out of love with that fire. I forgot about what I love to do is more play than work because let’s be honest “adulting” – in whatever context you can dignify it – isn’t any fun and most times work means money and money means there are priorities – and that’s cool too. I’m not deferring from people managing what’s necessary to them. My dilemma is the question – why should it be boring?

Life doesn’t need to be that way. Let’s spice it up a little.⁣

Think Less, Create More

So… quick update.


I’m slowly recovering after a stint of the winter flu for the past week and gradually I am becoming a functioning human being again.

Lately, and while building this, I’ve been utilizing the shortcode of my Instagram to get back in the habit of jotting down my morning thoughts outside of my personal journal. It’s simple, and I like these without too much technical complication. My aim was as simple also – to get back in the nature of blogging again. I had never – in its entirety of how I’d describe blogging – completely stopped blogging; my audience and my targets had changed. I had also taken a step back from my more personal life to build on a venture that was more widely used than the person I am. Although that is another topic for another time.

As for blogging, small notes to yourself is a great way to stay healthy mentally – at least I think so. We all have a voice that needs to be vented on whatever possible and I find that short honest writing is a very great direction to build your rhythm into whatever you wish to create, no matter how the scale measures. Before we can walk, we crawl, and before we can crawl, we fail and tumble. The point to it all s consistency. Duly, most people think blogging needs to be some aggressively massive English essay, but that’s a myth. It isn’t unless that’s your long term target. For me, it’s a bit more or less, and more focused on the building the behavior that allows me to be more social while connecting with those that read on whatever topic that may touch me on the day. Blogging, or even life isn’t about the grade, but rather the value you can deliver and the story you can share – even if it’s a few sentences.

Simply sharing your thoughts on something you hold value to is actually doing more than most and with much much less.

So just create and see where it leads.